Geographic markets

We are active within Construction, Residential Development, Commercial Property Development and Infrastructure Development in 11 countries in the Nordics, Europe and North America. Our Business Units work together to create operational and financial synergies, leading to increased value creation.

Home markets

The Nordics, Europe and North America are our home markets.

In North America, which is our single largest market, we are a leading company within building and civil engineering projects. We are also targeting the U.S. Public Private Partnerships (PPP) segment.

In the Nordic region, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, our operations cover the construction and investment businesses. In the UK, we are a leading player in construction as well as within PPP.

In Latin America, all construction projects were concluded and most of the operations and maintenance units were divested in 2015.

Operations by business stream and country

The table below shows our operations by business stream and country.


ConstructionResidential DevelopmentCommercial Property DevelopmentInfrastructure Development
Nordics x x x x
Sweden x x x x
Norway  x x x x
Finland x x x x
Denmark     x  
Europe x x x x
Poland x x x x
Czech Republic x x x  
Slovakia x      
Hungary     x  
Romania     x  
United Kingdom x     x
United States x   x x
Skanska Group x x x x


Revenue and employees by market

The table below shows revenue, percentage of total revenue and the number of employees for our markets in the Nordics, Europe and North America. For information about employees and revenue per business stream and country, view Our services.


 NordicsEuropeNorth America
Revenue SEK 64.3 bn SEK 38.0 bn SEK 59.7 bn
Percentage of total
40% 23% 37%
Employees Around 16,500 Around 17,000 Around 10,000
Last updated: 7/22/2016