Business units

This page describes the governance of our business units, which are listed below with the president for each unit.

The Business units and their governance

The Skanska Group has a clearly decentralized structure characterized by a large measure of delegation of authority and responsibility to the business units. Each business unit is headed by a president and has its own administrative departments and other resources in order to conduct its operations effectively. 

Management of strategic items of business

Aside from day-to-day operations, the business units deal with matters such as their strategic development, and strategic investments and divestments. Proposals are prepared by the management team of each respective unit and then referred to the Senior Executive Team or to Skanska AB’s Board of Directors for a decision, depending on the magnitude of the matter. 

Organization of Business Unit Boards of Directors

The boards of the business units consist of representatives from Skanska AB, individuals from other business units and the respective business unit’s own management team. The Chairman of each business unit is a member of Skanska’s Senior Executive Team. Where appropriate, employee representatives are included.

Business units and presidents 

ConstructionBusiness Unit President
Skanska Sweden Gunnar Hagman
Skanska Norway Ståle Rød
Skanska Finland Tuomas Särkilahti
Skanska Poland Piotr Janiszewski
Skanska Czech Republic and Slovakia Michal Jurka
Skanska UK Mike Putnam
Skanska USA Building Richard Kennedy
Skanska USA Civil Mike Cobelli


Residential DevelopmentBusiness Unit President
Skanska Residential Development Europe Mikael Matts


Commercial Property DevelopmentBusiness Unit President
Skanska Commercial Property Development Nordic Jan Odelstam
Skanska Commercial Property Development Europe Katarzyna Zawodna
Skanska Commercial Property Development USA Shawn Hurley


Infrastructure DevelopmentBusiness Unit President
Skanska Infrastructure Development Johan Henriksson

Last updated: 12/1/2016

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