Last year in brief 2015

In 2015, the Group's 43,000 employees delivered good results while also helping to promote a sustainable society. The ambition of growing in project development has resulted in a record number of new commercial projects, more efficient residential development and a more stable expansion into the growing public private partnership market in the U.S.

First quarter

  • Skanska constructs office building with parking house in Norway, for NOK 295 M, about SEK 320 M.

  • Skanska improves highway in California, USA, for USD 93 M, about SEK 640 M.

  • Skanska delivers infrastructure improvement program in the UK, worth GBP 100 M, about SEK 1.3 billion.

  • Skanska to be construction partner for R&D center and corporate HQ for Astra Zeneca, UK, for GBP 300 M, about SEK 3.7 billion.

  • Skanska reconstructs parts of the Urban Escape district in Stockholm, Sweden, for about SEK 600 M.


First quarter, accumulated
Revenue SEK 34 billion
Operating income SEK 832 million
Order bookings SEK 30.2 billion


Second quarter

  • Skanska books additional order of SEK 480 M for ongoing project in New York City, USA.
  • Skanska signs contract for rehabilitation of three train stations in Brooklyn, USA, worth SEK 670 M.
  • Skanska renews maintenance contract in Argentina, worth SEK 1.2 billion.
  • Skanska constructs commercial property in Jessheim, Norway, for NOK 316 M, about SEK 340 M.
  • Skanska builds second stage of advanced research facility in Lund, Sweden, for SEK 1.2 billion.
  • Skanska constructs educational facilities in Trondheim, Norway, for NOK 280 M, about SEK 300 M.
  • Skanska builds helicopter hangar in Sweden for SEK 310 M.
  • Skanska builds highway in Czech Republic for CZK 2.7 billion, about SEK 920 M.
  • Skanska builds schools in Fairfield, Ohio, for USD 46 M, about SEK 390 M.
  • Skanska renovates and expands Tampa International Airport in Florida, USA, for USD 60 M, about SEK 500 M.


Second quarter, accumulated
Revenue SEK 74.4 billion
Operating income SEK 2.4 billion
Order bookings SEK 58.3 billion


Third quarter

  • Skanska expands hospital in New York, USA, for USD 61 M, about SEK 510 M.
  • Skanska builds Boeing paint facility in South Carolina, USA, for USD 87 M, about SEK 730 M.
  • Skanska builds power plant in New York, USA, for USD 255 M, about SEK 2.1 billion.
  • Skanska constructs tunnel in Stockholm Bypass, Sweden, for SEK 1.3 billion.
  • Skanska reconstructs the Slussen area in Stockholm, Sweden, for SEK 2 billion.
  • Skanska renovates tunnel in Oslo, Norway, for NOK 580 M, about SEK 620 M.
  • Skanska to build the new Tahoma High School in Maple Valley, USA, worth USD 89 M, about SEK 750 M.
  • Skanska to improve highway in Finland, worth EUR 67 M, about SEK 630 M.
  • Skanska to build hotel and office in Stockholm, Sweden, for SEK 440 M.


Third quarter, accumulated
Revenue SEK 111.7 billion
Operating income SEK 3.4 billion
Order bookings SEK 92.2 billion


 Fourth quarter

  • Skanska to build tunnel in Norway, for NOK 435 M, about SEK 460 M.
  • Skanska to build the new Alderwood Middle School in Lynnwood, USA, worth USD 39 M, about SEK 330 M.
  • Skanska to expand New York City Ferry Service Program, worth USD 45 M, about SEK 380 M.
  • Skanska to build research facility in New York City, USA, worth USD 68 M, about SEK 570 M.
  • Skanska to build 392 rental apartments in Norrköping, Sweden, for about SEK 560 M.
  • Skanska to build office in Norway, for NOK 340 M, about SEK 360 M.
  • Skanska to build commercial building in Norway for NOK 390 M, about SEK 410 M.
  • Skanska constructs interchanges south of Stockholm, Sweden, for SEK 300 M.
  • Skanska to modernize railway station in Czech Republic for CZK 1.0 billion, about SEK 340 M.
  • Skanska builds hotel in Portland, USA, for USD 56 M, about SEK 470 M.
  • Skanska builds rental apartments for Uppsalahem in Uppsala, Sweden, for SEK 300 M.
  • Skanska builds rental apartments in Helsingborg, Sweden, for SEK 350 M.
  • Skanska signs contract for USD 63 M, about SEK 530 M, for ongoing project in New York City, USA
  • Skanska rebuilds pulp mill for SCA in Timrå, Sweden, for SEK 360 M.


Fourth quarter, accumulated
Revenue SEK 155.0 billion
Operating income SEK 6.5 billion
Order bookings SEK 122.1 billion
Last updated: 4/6/2016

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