Compensation & benefits

Our policy is to give our employees a total reward aligned with the local market. On a global level, employees can join in as an owner through the Skanska employee ownership program - Seop.

Total reward

Skanska's policy is to offer a total reward to the employee which is in line with the local market.

Skanska employee ownership program - Seop

About 9,700 employees from across the Skanska Group invest in Skanska's employee ownership program, Seop. It is rare, even unique, that a company of Skanska's size offers such an extensive program.

The film above introduces briefly how the Seop program works.

With Seop, our employees can add to their future savings

Seop was introduced in 2008 and the aim is to further strengthen Skanska's attractiveness to new and existing employees. At Skanska we are proud of our hard-working and knowledgeable people. We understand that our continued success depends on their personal efforts. That is why we believe it is only fair that they have the chance to maximize the benefits from their hard work.

As a shareholder everyone could personally gain even more if Skanska reach the targets. With Seop, all employees have the possibility to add to their future savings while performing at work. This means that Seop brings another dimension to the employment – that of being an owner.

Awarded one of the best employee ownership programs in the world

In 2012, Seop (Seop 1 and 2) was awarded GEO Award, as one of the best employee ownership programs in the world, according to the Global Equity Organization. An organization dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of equity compensation. It has more than 4,500 individual members representing over 1,500 companies and professional firms in more than 60 countries worldwide.

The Seop program was honored for its performance criteria which are "clearly communicated, measurable, challenging but attainable, aiming to arrive at a win-win situation for shareholders, the company and the employee".

Last updated: 3/13/2015