Development programs

In Skanska we have people development at heart. Through our international development programs you can acquire global leadership skills.

Our international development programs Skanska Stretch, Skanska STEP and Skanska Unlimited are customized for selected target groups - all employees, young professionals and top managers.

In addition, extensive development opportunities and activities are offered in each business unit in order to meet local development needs.

All employees

Skanska Unlimited is the global employee exchange program aimed at providing 3-6 months hands-on experience in another unit or function, in your country or internationally. The participants will develop new skills, discover new ways of working and expand the network within the Skanska group.

Top talent early in their careers

Skanska Stretch is the international development program for Skanska's top talent early in their careers. In this program we develop great leaders with a good understanding and management of Skanska's business in an international context. It includes 6-12 months international assignment.

Top managers

Skanska Top Executive Program (STEP) is a tailor made program for Skanska's Top Managers. This program further develops knowledge and leadership competencies to maximize contribution to our business and to create network for knowledge sharing and strategy implementation. The program is developed in cooperation with IMD, one of the world's leading business schools.

Last updated: 2/17/2015

Meet one of the participants

Meet Carolyn Desmond, one of 26 selected Skanska Stretch career top talent.