Work of the Board

The work of the Board follows a yearly agenda. In 2015, the Board held nine meetings. Among the issues dealt with were the Group’s new business plan 2016-2020, internal control and risk management. View meeting attendance below. 

The work of the Board of Directors follows an annual agenda established in the Board’s Procedural Rules. In preparation for each Board meeting, the Board receives reports and documentation compiled according to established procedures. The purpose of these procedures is to ensure that, in advance of all Board meetings, the Board receives the relevant information and documentation on which to base decisions. All documentation is drafted in English.

Activities in 2015

In 2015 the Board held nine meetings including its statutory meeting. For the September 2015 meeting the Board members visited Skanska in the UK and met with the Skanska UK management team. They also visited the site of the Monument Building project in London.

The more important issues dealt with by the Board during the year included updating and monitoring the operations, writedowns on construction projects in the U.S., divestment of the Latin American operations, the Group’s new business plan for 2016–2020, investigations in the Czech Republic and Brazil, succession planning, internal control and risk management. An important emphasis was safety and sustainability.

Attendance at Board and committee meetings 2015

 Board meetingsAudit 
Project Review Committee
Number of meetings 9 8 6 12
Stuart Graham 9 8 6 12
Johan Karlström 9     12
Fredrik Lundberg 9     12
Nina Linander 9 8   8*
John Carrig 9 8 5* 12
Charlotte Strömberg 9 8 6  8*
Pär Boman* 8 6  
Jayne McGivern* 8    
Gunnar Larsson 9      
Richard Hörstedt 9     12 
Roger Karlström 8      
Gerardo Vergara 4      
Pär-Olow Johansson 9      
Thomas Larsson 9      

*From April 9, 2015

Last updated: 4/15/2016