Below you will find Skanska’s investments announced through press releases. For more information, please click the heading of each investment.


DateHeadlineInvestment MSEKBusiness UnitClient/Counterparty
2017-03-03 Skanska invests in land in Prague, Czech Republic -290 Skanska CDE Codeco UK
2017-02-08 Skanska invests in second phase of an office project in Budapest, Hungary -310 Skanska CDE Skanska CDE
2017-02-03 Skanska invests in a new office project in Seattle, USA -3500 Skanska CDUS Skanska CDUS
2017-01-30 Skanska invests in the office building Sthlm 01 in Stockholm, Sweden -1300 Skanska CDN Skanska CDN
2017-01-17 Skanska invests in the first phase of an office project in Bucharest, Romania -370 Skanska CDE Skanska CDE
Last updated: 4/29/2016