Corporate Community Investment

In the communities in which we develop and build, Skanska is dedicated to creating long-lasting value for local societies and our customers – positive legacies that go beyond concrete and steel. We do this through our structured Corporate Community Investment (CCI) framework, through which we provide our time, skills and gifts in kind for mutual benefit.

With CCI, we concentrate on stimulating local economic development and supporting educational opportunities in our focus areas of Safety, Ethics, Green and Diversity and Inclusion. Also, we support technical education related to project development and construction. As an example of how our sustainability areas are interconnected, we use project apprenticeships to enhance integration with local society, linking CCI with Diversity and Inclusion.

Strengthening local economies and championing education in our areas of expertise are how we can have the greatest influence on society, as they relate to our core business.


Learn about Skanska’s CCI policy.

Corporate community investment policy

Here are some of Skanska's CCI activities in local communities.

Activities in local communities
Last updated: 5/2/2016