Diversity & inclusion

We are striving to reflect society’s increasing diversity at all levels of our organization, and to have leaders who are excellent at fostering an inclusive culture that helps each person reach their full potential.

Having a workforce with people of varied genders, ethnicities, ages and backgrounds coupled with an inclusive culture supports our Be Better – Together value, and it enables us to deliver the best solutions to our customers.

As part of our global diversity and inclusion strategy, each of our business units has an action plan for advancing with this priority in local markets, with designated advocates to drive the effort. We view diversity and inclusion as integral to Skanska’s continued success.


Diversity & inclusion is a top priority for us. In 2014, a new diversity vision and strategy was launched.

Throughout Skanska, we work with Diversity & inclusion, with local goals and activities.

This film features members from Skanska’s Senior Executive Team together with Skanska’s Global Diversity Manager. It explains what diversity and inclusion is, why it is important to Skanska and presents Skanska’s diversity and inclusion vision. 

Rich Cavallaro, Executive Vice President and CEO Skanska USA, explains why Diversity & inclusion is important for Skanska's success.

Katarina Grönwall, Skanska's Senior Vice President Communications, on a more diverse and inclusive organization.

In an interview with Huffington Post, Johan Karlström, President & CEO at Skanska, explains why Diversity and Ethics are key to our success.

Our Global Diversity Manager Pia Höök blogs for leading non profit organization Catalyst on how to move Skanska forward into a more inclusive work culture