How we work

Throughout Skanska, we work intensely with diversity and inclusion through local goals and activities.

Inclusion advocates in all business units

During 2014, all of the business units appointed an Inclusion Advocate – a senior line manager who works closely with Human Resources to drive diversity and inclusion progress within their business unit.

Diversity and inclusion analysis on business unit level

Each business unit has conducted an analysis using a framework based on the global diversity strategy which focuses on:

  • Attract and recruit from a large and diverse pool of talent
  • Secure an inclusive workplace
  • Develop and promote a diverse pool of talent
  • Use diversity and inclusion in the marketplace
  • Management awareness, skills and commitmen

Local goals and actions

The analysis carried out by each business unit, provides a platform from which they set actions and targets. Actions and targets with diversity and inclusion are set locally since the business units are in different home markets with different opportunities and challenges.

2015 - moving towards our vision

  • Implementation of business unit specific actions and targets
  • Knowledge sharing across Skanska
  • Follow-up in different internal fora's



Last updated: 5/29/2015

Pia Höök

Global Diversity Manager

Email: Pia Höök

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