Safety Week 2016

During 25 April - 1 May, 2016, our 43,000 employees at thousands of projects in our home markets, along with more than 200,000 subcontractors, suppliers and business partners were involved in activities focused on workplace safety. 

Everyone has a right to come home unharmed from work.

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Our Senior Executive Team is committed to Safety. Read their safety pledges.

Commitment to safety

Follow our employees from some of Skanska home markets and find out how they work to be safe.

One day at work

President and CEO, Johan Karlström explains why we make safety a priority in our work.

Why we work with Safety

Neil Moore, Senior Vice President Safety at Skanska, comments on Skanska Safety Week 2016.

Planning reduces accidents

Skanska Safety Week 2016 theme is Plan for Today. It helps identify what is an everyday challenge.

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Safety atop our agenda

Skanska CEO Johan Karlström says we must have safety at the top of our agenda, and that nothing’s more important than our Care for Life value.

Read Johan's message

How Skanska – and our industry – are advancing with safety

Neil Moore, Skanska senior vice president of safety, on our safety journey.

Read Neil’s message

Collaborating - not competing - on safety

Safety Weeks have become industry-wide events demonstrating the importance of working safely.

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Why we work with Safety

Skanska Executive Vice President, Rich Cavallaro on how Safety connects to our core values.

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How to Stretch and Flex

Warming-up before you start your day’s work is great way to improve flexibility and help prevent soft-tissue injuries. Here’s how to Stretch and Flex.

Development and design in safety

Through early involvements with projects, we can maximize our efforts to eliminate potential safety risks.

Development and design in safety

Improving safety throughout our supply chain

BoKlok collaborates with transporters to improve the safety of transporting large building elements

BoKlok’s safety collaboration

Stretching and flexing in Stockholm's central square

Stretch and Flex is how we start our days at Skanska, and it’s easy for you to do too.

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Prioritizing health as well as safety

Claes Larsson, Skanska executive vice president, says everyone can contribute to improving safety and health.

Read Claes’ message

Boundary-less work life

Being healthy is an important part of being safe, and part of that health comes from having time to rest and recharge.

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Exchanging best practices for safety

Christel Åkerman, Skanska executive vice president, says Skanska’s approach to safety has greatly improved. 

Read Christel’s message

Why we work with Safety

Skanska Executive Vice President, Christel Åkerman on how ethics and safety are related.

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Importance of having the right teams

Anders Danielsson, Skanska executive vice president, also looks ahead to Finland’s upcoming industry safety week. 

Read Anders’ message

Mobile elevated work platform safety

An industry-wide call by Skanska to improve MEWP safety helped raise the safety standard of the entire construction industry.

Read about Mobile elevated work platform safety

Engaging customers, competitors and students in Care for Life activities

Organizing safety trainings for tenants is one important Safety Week activity for Skanska Commercial Development Europe.

Read More About CDE

Improving pre-task planning in the Czech Republic

Skanska Czech Republic and Slovakia aims to achieve a consistent level of pre-task planning

Read about improving pre-task planning

Demonstrating safety leadership across Central Europe

Roman Wieczorek, Skanska Executive Vice President, shares his pride in Safety Week becoming an industry event in Poland. 

Read Roman’s message

Industry-wide collaboration in Poland

Skanska Poland collaborates with industry to drive work on safety to new levels.

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Why we work with Safety

Skanska Executive Vice President, Veronica Rörsgård says that safety is about caring.

More on why we work with Safety

Six critical construction site risks

Skanska Norway is focused on eliminating six critical risks that can lead to construction site accidents.

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Safety on project sites in city center

Skanska CFO Peter Wallin, Skanska Executive Vice President, shares his personal message during Skanska Safety Week. 

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Safety site visits

Skanska Sweden’s management is out on project sites discussing how to improve workplace safety.

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Don’t walk by

Mats Williamson, Skanska Executive Vice President, pledges to never walk by an unsafe situation without intervening.

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Safety, health and well-being

Skanska UK’s Safety Week activities connect with our Care for Life value.

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Leadership and cross-industry collaboration

Cross-industry collaboration is vital to make real change, but it takes the support of leadership to truly make it happen.

Leadership and cross-industry collaboration

Meet Barbora Zobačová

Barbora Zobačová, Health & Safety Technician in Prague has an effective approach to motivating her colleagues to work safely.

Meet Barbora Zobačová

Skanska is committed to be the leader in construction safety in all its home markets.

Safety strategy

Submit your ideas on how to create an injury free work enviroment.

Over the last eight years the lost time accident rate (LTAR) for Skanska employees has been reduced by 55%. 

Measuring performance
Last updated: 4/14/2016