Public Private Partnerships

Skanska is one of the world's leading infrastructure development companies with Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects in our home markets in North America and Europe.

What we do

We provide communities with safe roads, railways, bridges and airports renewable energy, and state-of-the-art social infrastructure such as hospitals and schools. We work openly and honestly with our clients as their long-term partner, providing financial support and global expertise for the development, design, construction, and operation of projects.

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We operate in four sectors

  1. Education
  2. Healthcare
  3. Transportation
  4. Utilities


Skanska has been involved in the management, design and construction of over 400 schools, providing places for over 250,000 students.

The highlights of our work in PPP include the UK government's £30 billion Building Schools for the Future program (BSF), a national UK program to lift educational attainment through a complete transformation of all of England's secondary schools.

In Bristol, the first city to reach financial close of its BSF program, we are responsible for developing all the medium to large state secondary schools during the next 10 years. Read more about the Bristol schools in the UK.

View some of our projects within education in the Projects section.


We are a leader in PPP hospitals and pioneering major new developments. In Sweden, we are currently developing the New Karolinska Solna (NKS) hospital – Skanska's largest project ever – and in the UK our PPP health portfolio includes five major developments. At the Barts and The Royal London Hospitals, one of the largest ever PPPs in Europe, construction alone is worth over £1 billion.

Over 35 years or more, PPP healthcare contracts are delivering:

  • World-class healthcare facilities
  • Thousands of beds
  • State of the art equipment and teaching facilities
  • New jobs and opportunities for local people.

View some of our projects within healthcare in the Projects section.


Our investments in tunnels, bridges, roads and airports have influenced the political, social and economic landscapes through which they run.

Skanska has led the field in transportation in the Nordic Region, where we developed the first PPP highways in Finland and Norway and are supporting safe journeys all year round. In Chile, we have developed one of the world's most advanced freeflow toll roads, which automatically collects revenue from hundreds of thousands of road users every day.

In the UK we are improving the M25 ring road around London and in the US we are currently delivering three major transportation projects, the Elizabeth River Tunnels in Virginia, the I-4 Ultimate in Florida and LaGuardia Airport in New York.

View some of our projects within transportation in the Projects section.


We are taking Skanska's worldwide experience in utilities to a new level. From dams and waste water treatment facilities to wind farms and other renewable energy, we are redefining the way major infrastructure is delivered and operated.

In Sweden, we have developed two of the country’s largest wind farms, the Sjisjka wind farm in a Natura 2000 protected area north of the Arctic Circle and the Mullberg wind farm in Jämtland, also in the north of Sweden. Collaboration, environmental protection and community outreach have been key factors in the successful delivery of these projects.

View some of our projects within utilities in the Projects section.

How we do it

The Public Private Partnership concept is a procurement method to stretch public money with private investment to create or rebuild infrastructure. It is a long-term contract between government entities, private investors, construction firms, and asset and operations managers.

The project is delivered by a consortium and the risks involved are transferred to the party most qualified to manage it. Repayment is long-term and done either through user fees (tolls) or availability payments from the government client, or a combination of the two.

The public client retains ownership of the asset and assumes responsibilities at the end of the contract term, which is usually 25-50 years.

Where we do it

We are active in a number of selected home markets in the Nordic Region, United Kingdom and in North America. We target clients in the public sector.

Do you want to join us?

We develop and build thousands of projects each year and manage the people, the finances, the design, the construction and the suppliers.

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The numbers (2016)

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Operating cash flow from business operations*


Capital employed, SEK bn



Return on capital employed, %**



Net present value, project portfolio,SEK bn

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 * Before taxes, financing operations and dividends.
** A definition is provided in note 44 B

Revenue per year

share of Group, %*

Operating income per year

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*Accounted for according to the equity method.

Distribution of project portfolio, estimated gross value, total SEK 5.3 bn, geographic area


Distribution of proj portfolio by geographic area

Distribution of project portfolio, estimated gross value, total SEK 5.3 bn, phase

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Changes in net present values

Changes in net present values

More figures can be found in financial information.


  • Balfour Beatty
  • Ferrovial
  • Grupo ACS

Our ways of adding value

  • Building for a better society. We provide communities with safe roads, railways, and bridges, renewable energy, and state-of-the-art social infrastructure.
  • Financial strength. Skanska invests its own equity and secures financing for Public-Private Partnerships to make sure that our promise to provide a sustainable, one-of-a-kind project is fully delivered and exceeds our client’s and society’s expectations.
  • Life cycle costing. Life cycle costing optimizes the balance between construction and long term operational costs and can deliver significant financial and environmental benefits. It enables a holistic approach to a project that considers the cost and environmental impact of materials, equipment and technology not only now but in the future.
  • Long term commitment. Our contract terms usually span for 25-50 years. Capital improvements and ongoing maintenance during the contract period ensure that the asset is handed back to the client in optimal condition.


PPP contact information

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