Geographic markets

Skanska operates around the world in selected home markets in the Nordic region, Europe and USA. Our headquarters are located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Home markets

We have operations in eleven countries – home markets – in one or several of our three business streams: Construction, Residential Development and Commercial Property Development.

In USA and the UK, we are a leading player in the construction market.

In the Nordic region, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania our operations cover construction and project development.

Operations by business stream and country

The table below shows our operations by business stream and country.


Construction Residential Development Commercial Property Development
Nordics x x x
Sweden x x x
Norway  x x x
Finland x x x
Denmark     x
Europe x x x
Poland x x x
Czech Republic x x x
Slovakia x    
Hungary     x
Romania     x
United Kingdom x    
USA x   x
Skanska Group x x x

Revenue and employees by market

The table below shows revenue, percentage of total revenue and the number of employees for 2018 for our geographic markets: the Nordic region, Europe and USA. For information about employees and revenue per business stream and country, view Our services.


  Nordics Europe USA
Revenue SEK 74.9 bn SEK 40.3 bn SEK 69.7 bn
Percentage of total
40% 22% 38%
Employees 41% 35% 24%

Our services

More information about the services we are offering on our home markets: