Our long-term vision

Our values and the belief that what’s good for people, society and the environment is also good for business form the foundation of our strategic direction. We will continue to balance building for a better society with commercial opportunities that create industry-leading shareholder return.

Our Group Strategy harnesses our strengths and assets into long-term, sustainable business opportunities that generate growth, customer success and value.

As we move forward, our competitive backbone will continue to be our people, our knowledge and foresight, and our longstanding performance. Our focus will be to deepen our understanding of the societal challenges around sustainability, and to uncover greater solutions for our clients.

Our business model

Our integrated business model is the heart of the Skanska competitive advantage. We collaborate across the Group, a synergy that boosts our operations as well as our finances. This is how we will continue to innovate, create greater market opportunities, control costs and strengthen our financial position.