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Offices, homes, roads and bridges are just a few examples of what we do within Construction. We offer construction services in selected home markets in the Nordics, Europe and North America.

Skanska Sweden

One of the country's largest contractors within building and civil construction as well as services related to road construction and civil engineering. The business unit encompasses a number of specialized subsidiaries. Among the assignments you find some of the largest projects in the market as well as a great number of small and mid-sized projects. The history in Sweden dates back to the 19th century. Skanska Sweden is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

  • Business Unit President: Gunnar Hagman
  • Skanska Sweden website:  

Skanska Norway

Skanska Norway is the largest construction company in Norway and operations also include the Spitsbergen Islands. The business unit is focused on building, civil and residential construction as well as services related to road construction and civil engineering. Skanska Norway which is based in Oslo, Norway, builds on more than a hundred years of experience.

  • Business Unit President: Ståle Rød
  • Skanska Norway website: 

Skanska Finland

Skanska Finland is focused on building and civil construction as well as services related to construction and civil engineering. The business unit is one of the largest construction companies in Finland and is based in Helsinki.

  • Business Unit President: Tuomas Särkilahti
  • Skanska Finland website: 

Skanska Poland

Skanska Poland provides leading construction services for building, civil engineering and infrastructure development including railways and hydro engineering projects. Skanska is one of the largest general contractors in Poland. Company benefits from being the most recognizable employer and brand within the industry, which is confirmed by numerous awards.

  • Business Unit President: Piotr Janiszewski
  • Skanska Poland website: 

Skanska Czech Republic & Slovakia

Skanska Czech & Slovak Republics cover the entire construction chain including residential and building construction. A substantial part of the unit’s operations is within civil construction like, roads, bridges, tunnels and railways. The company also focuses on project development of homes for sale to the general public. Based in Prague, Skanska is the largest construction company in the Czech Republic and also one of the leading construction companies on the Slovak market.

Skanska UK

Skanska UK is oriented towards building and civil construction including services for the utilities sector. The business unit also offers a wide range of specialist contracting skills. Skanska is a market leader within the field of Public Private Partnerships, PPP, in the UK also known as Private Finance Initiative, PFI. Skanska UK holds a very strong position in the Greater London Area and is among the leading construction companies in the United Kingdom. The business unit is based in Maple Cross, Rickmansworth, on the outskirts of London.

Skanska USA Building

Skanska USA Building is a leading provider of world-class construction services within the building construction sector in the United States. The company’s services include comprehensive program management, construction management, design-build, general contracting, job order contracting and leaseback delivery approaches. Skanska USA Building is based in New Jersey, U.S, but an extensive network of local offices enables a broad geographic reach with permanent presence in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Detroit, Seattle, Atlanta and Houston among other locations.

Skanska USA Civil

Skanska USA Civil is a leading contractor in the U.S market for civil engineering construction and infrastructure projects. The business unit provides public and private clients construction services in the civil, mechanical, industrial, marine, foundation and environmental sectors. Skanska USA Civil holds a leading position in New York and the east coast but also operates in the Southeast, California, Colorado and other states in the Southwestern U.S Skanska USA Civil is based in New York, U.S.

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