Our purpose and values

As a listed company, generating value for our shareholders is Skanska's aim. While creating value we also want to build for a better society. That is our Purpose. Our values are expected behaviors, anchored in our beliefs and priorities. They support our Purpose and guide us in our actions.

Our purpose

The Skanska Purpose – to build for a better society – sets out the direction in which the Group is heading. The Purpose reflects the company's role in society, a position that enables Skanska to create shareholder value.

Skanska provides innovative and sustainable solutions to create a sustainable future for its people, customers and communities. This is reinforced by a continued commitment to Safety, Ethics, Green, Community Investment as well as Diversity and Inclusion. All topics relate to our core business and expertise, and have an impact on our surroundings.

Working with customers and communities we have a responsibility and opportunity to influence our customers and together contribute to society in a positive way.

Our values

Our Skanska values are expected behaviors, anchored in our beliefs and priorities, guiding us in our actions. They serve as a moral foundation and compass.

Care for Life

  • We care for the lives of people and the environment
  • We work safely, or not at all
  • We never walk by if we notice unsafe actions
  • We support health and wellbeing
  • We promote green solutions and we run our operations in a green way
  • We are accountable to future generations

Act Ethically & Transparently

  • We do business with a high degree of integrity and transparency
  • We live by our Code of Conduct and never accept shortcuts
  • We foster a working climate where everyone can speak their mind

Be Better – Together

  • We always strive to be better in all we do
  • We are a learning organisation and generously share our expertise
  • We take pride in quality and innovation
  • We build One Skanska teams together with customers, partners and communities
  • We leverage diversity to deliver the best solutions
  • We foster an inclusive culture where we are open and fair, showing trust and respect for each other

Commit to Customers

  • We help our customers to be successful in their business
  • We strive to understand their needs and their customers' needs
  • We are here to help our customers turn their visions into reality

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct defines how we conduct our business.