Shaping the future of working & living

Shaping the future of working & living

Around 90% of our lives are spent indoors. So it’s no surprise the places where we work, live and play have a profound impact on our well-being, health and, ultimately, our productivity. At Skanska Commercial Development, we’re not only shaping how people live and work, we’re creating places that will last beyond our lifetime. Places that are sustainable and inclusive, contributing to the health, well-being and creativity of the people most impacted by them. Places that are investments in the quality of our tenant’s and customer’s lives. For us, these places are our long-term commitment towards building a better society.

So, what do we do? We plan, build, lease and sell high-quality workplaces, headquarters, retail centers and logistics facilities for enterprises in parts of Europe and the USA. We also help construct multi-family apartment buildings in some markets. To date, we’ve developed over 4 million square meters of space– using our knowledge to deliver sustainable, inclusive design solutions we can be proud of.

The markets we operate in today:

Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic,
Hungary, Romania and the United States.

Access to natural light can help you sleep up to 46 minutes more per night

We are our own most critical customer because we are...


We can build a nearly limitless high-level of quality on the most attractive land. With many of our projects being self-financed, it gives us the flexibility and freedom to make impactful decisions, desired improvements and necessary changes quickly to benefit our clients and the overall project.

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Sustainability is more than the steps we take towards net-zero carbon emissions. It’s about where we can make the greatest, lasting difference in society. It's also about people’s lived experiences; how they interact and are impacted by their environment today and in the future.

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We fuse the best practices within design and construction with evidence-based scientific research and the latest tech, to create innovative solutions that meet even the highest of expectations of a well-functioning working or living environment. Although we design and build places that put health and well-being first, they’re always equally productive, efficient and functional.

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Local development experts

We are apart of the communities and cities that we build for. That’s why we have local development teams on the ground co-creating and collaborating with local communities. Together we shape places not just for the people occupying the buildings, but also for the people who live around them.

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World class construction

We have a unique platform that allows our world-class construction teams to build and execute our own development projects, without having to bring in third-party contractors. Utilizing our 130+ years of global experience, we’re able to create innovative, sustainable and award-winning solutions and apply the knowledge directly wherever needed in any type of project.

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Indoor climate accounts for approximately 40 % of the building’s energy needs. Lighting accounts for about 25%.

Shared responsibility

To continuously build a better society and more sustainable future, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest possible standards. These are measured not only in quality, but also in health, environmental impact and energy efficiency. We work closely with internationally recognized certifications like the WELL, LEED, BREEAM and Fitwell to ensure that the spaces we shape are sustainable both for people and the planet.


out of the world’s 26 buildings build to the Living Building standard have been built by Skanska. 

63 completed

LEED certified commercial development projects to date

- 37%

Annual energy reduction in divested office buildings developed by Skanska Commercial Development Nordics, Europe and USA compared to average.

Recognizing our responsibility is only the beginning

In 2020, Fortune Magazine ranked Skanska as number 17 on their global “Change the World” list of 52 companies based on four factors:

  • Measurable social impact—the impact a company has on specific societal problems
  • Business results—how the impactful work contributes to shareholder value
  • Degree of innovation—how innovative the company’s effort is compared to competitors
  • Corporate integration—how integral the work is to the company’s overall strategy

We’ve set a Group target of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2045 – within the whole value chain. This includes suppliers, subcontractors and those who use the buildings and infrastructure we create.

The target guides our work on reducing the climate impact from our business. We will continue to cooperate closely with our suppliers and customers, so that together we can make this goal a reality.

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