In line with our 'Be Better – Together' value, we strive to be better in all we do and take pride in quality and innovation. Within the Research & Development field, we are pushing the boundaries of technology to improve efficiency in our operations and business.

Innovative application for maintaining patient safety

Maintaining patient safety during a hospital expansion and renovation project is paramount. This was key to Skanska's development of the inSite monitor, an application that allows the project team to remotely monitor noise, negative pressure, vibration and particulate matter at the site. InSite can monitor dust, noise and differential pressure readings, and is accessible to the project team and hospital staff via a mobile app.

Sensors can be checked in real-time on smart-phone devices or desktop computers. Alerts notify the team with a message via email or SMS when a sensor is approaching a level of risk.

With 24/7 accessibility and alert system, there is a lower chance of construction activities causing unsafe conditions.

Other projects promoting innovation  

We participate in R&D projects that promote innovation in the main segments of our activities – civil engineering, buildings and material issues. 

Last updated: 8/12/2016

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