Skanska in brief

Skanska is one of the world's leading construction and project development companies, focused on selected home markets in the Nordics, other European countries and North America.

Short facts:

  • Founded: 1887
  • Geographic markets in: the Nordic region, Europe and North America
  • Operations: Construction and development of commercial property, residential and public private partnership (PPP) projects
  • Employees: 41,000 (2016)
  • CEO: Anders Danielsson
  • Largest shareholders: Industrivärden AB, Lundberg Group, Skanska employees through the Skanska employee ownership program (Seop)
  • Share listed: NASDAQ Stockholm

Skanska in figures

Key figures 2016
Revenue SEK Bn 151 
Operating income SEK Bn 8,2
Income after financial items    SEK Bn 7,1
Earnings per share* SEK 13.96
Return on equity     18 %
Order bookings SEK Bn 170,2
Order backlog SEK Bn 196,3
Employees number 41,891

*Earnings for the period attributable to equity holders divided by the average number of shares outstanding.


Skanska Purpose

The Skanska Purpose – to build for a better society – sets out the direction in which the Group is heading. The Purpose reflects the company's role in society, a position that enables Skanska to create shareholder value.

Skanska provides innovative and sustainable solutions to create a sustainable future for its people, customers and communities. This is reinforced by a continued commitment to Safety, Ethics, Green, Community Investment as well as Diversity and Inclusion. All topics relate to our core business and expertise, and have an impact on our surroundings.

Skanska Values

Values serve as a moral foundation for the company. Clearly articulated values are proactive and aspirational, and guard and continue to build Skanska's culture – a culture that is vital to the Group’s continued success.

Our Skanska values are: 

Care for Life

Care for Life is how Skanska is accountable to future generations through safe and environmentally responsible actions. One way the Group is improving at this is through increased collaboration between Business Units.

For example, in Central Europe the four Business Units are developing common health and safety standards, and have established a structure to share best practices and coordinate safety activities. As part of this, the Project Development units act as demanding clients to the Construction units, further helping to eliminate injuries and support health and well-being.

Act Ethically and Transparently

Skanska does business with a high degree of integrity and transparency. To support this, in 2016 the Group launched a new Code of Conduct and its first Supplier Code of Conduct. Together, these set the ethical direction for employees and external parties.

The new Code of Conduct has many examples, providing employees with hands-on guidance for living Skanska's values every day. View the Skanska Code of Conduct Web Application.

The Supplier Code states the behaviors Skanska demands from its supply chain. Skanska only works with customers that do not require compromising the Group's high standards.

Be Better – Together

Skanska strives to be better in all it does, and important to this are collaborations both inside and outside the Group. An example is the Global Healthcare Center of Excellence, which shares healthcare facility solutions and resources across Business Units.

When Skanska Norway and Skanska UK were recently pursuing a large hospital in Norway, the Center of Excellence linked them to experts in Skanska Sweden and Skanska USA Building – this was key to the bid being successful.

This Center of Excellence enables Skanska to be highly strategic and better understand trends in healthcare, a top Skanska sector.

Commit to Customers

Skanska helps customers be successful in their business. In the UK, for Anglian Water to successfully deliver a large infrastructure program it wanted more than a collection of designers and contractors – it wanted a partnership.
It found that with the @one Alliance, a collaborative organization of consultants and contractors, including Skanska. The Alliance will deliver about 800 projects by 2020 using multidisciplinary teams focused on mutual trust and respect. By understanding Anglian Water's internal customers, the Alliance added an "after care" role to help teams start operating newly completed projects.

Aspirations 2020

  • Industry-leading total shareholder return
  • Balanced value creation between Construction and Project Development
  • Recognized as a preferred partner when it comes to creating solutions that meet customers' needs
  • Living our values and recognized as a value-driven company building for a better society
  • An injury-free and ethical environment
  • The most attractive employer in our industry
  • Cooperation within and between units and business streams as One Skanska in high-performing teams
  • Improved operational efficiency


  • Controlled growth in Construction in our Home markets
  • Increase investments in Commercial Development, leverage Infrastructure Development business model and keep Residential Development stable in our Home Markets
  • Focus on developing people and foster high performing teams
  • Maintain a proactive approach and close collaboration resulting in long-term customer relationships
  • Improve our performance and achieve a higher level of operational stability
  • Continue to deliver on our Sustainability areas, Safety, Ethics, Green, Community Investment, and Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Increase collaboration, mobility and knowledge sharing within and between our units
Last updated: 1/2/2018

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Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct defines how we conduct our business.