Commercial Property Development

Commercial Property Development provides offices and properties in selected geographic markets in the Nordic region, Europe and USA. Here you will find key figures, market drivers and trends.

Skanska creates healthy, environmentally responsible and customer-focused offices and properties. Commercial Property Development initiates, develops, leases and divests properties built by Skanska's Construction business stream. These buildings contribute to tenants’ well-being and creativity.

Key figures (2017)

SEK M20172016
Revenue  11,440 10,226
Operating income 2,714 2,336
    of which gain from divestments of properties* 2,879 3,111
Investments -10,716 -8,364
Divestments  9,341 9,043
Operating cash flow from business operations** -3,119 -687
Capital employed, SEK bn 24.5 19.9
Return on capital employed, % *** 15.5 14.8
Number of employees 389 364

* Additional gain included in eliminations was 197 in 2017 and 173 in 2016. 
** Before taxes, financial activities and dividends.
*** A definition is provided in note 44 in 2017 Annual Report.


Share of Group, %

*Before Central and eliminations.

Operating income

Share of Group, %*


 *Before Central and eliminations.

Commercial Property Development, Revenue(SEK M)2017201620152014201303,0006,0009,00012,000
Commercial Property Development, Revenue 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
(SEK M) 6206 10228 9034 10226 11440
Construction, Operating income(SEK M)2017201620152014201301,5003,0004,5006,000
Construction, Operating income 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
(SEK M) 3880 4512 3874 3546 1205

Capital employed, total SEK 24.5 bn

Geographic area


Leasing, total 477,000 sq m

Geographic area

Unrealized and realized gains

Market drivers and key trends

Economic growth

Economic growth increases companies' recruitment needs, which drives activity in the leasing market.


More people moving to cities increases demand for offices and logistics centers close to cities.

Cost-efficient location

Energy-efficient, green premises in attractive areas are in demand and are contributing to relocation.

Attractive investment

Long-term tenants in high-quality properties offer attractive returns for investors.

Commercial property services

Our Commercial property services create healthy, environmentally responsible and customer-focused offices and properties.

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