Construction is Skanska's largest business stream and has operations in selected home markets in the Nordic region, Europe and USA. Here you will find key figures, market drivers and trends.

For society to thrive, people need well-functioning workplaces, housing, transportation hubs, schools, hospitals and other key facilities. Construction – the largest business stream in terms of revenue and number of employees – leverages Skanska's local and Group-wide expertise and resources to enhance communities.

Key figures (2017)

SEK M20172016
Revenue 150,050 138,001
Operating income 1,205 3,546
Operating margin, % 0.8 2.6
Free working capital, SEK bn 21.8 22.5
Operating cash flow* 2,136 4,562
Order bookings, SEK bn 151.8 170.2
Order backlog, SEK bn 188.4 196.3
Number of employees 39,002 40,991

* Before taxes, financing operations and dividends.


Share of Group, %*

* Before central and eliminations.

Operating income**

Share of Group, %*

* Before central and eliminations.
** Operating income in Construction was negatively affected by impairment charges of SEK 1.0 billion and project write-downs of SEK 1.5 billion.

Breakdown order backlog, total SEK 188 bn, by type of product

Breakdown order backlog, total SEK 188 bn, by customer structure 

Revenue, total SEK 150 bn, by geographic area Geographic area

Revenue and operating margin, rolling 12 months


Construction, Operating income(SEK M)2017201620152014201301,5003,0004,5006,000
Construction, Operating income 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
(SEK M) 3880 4508 3874 3546 1205

Revenue & order backlog per market

Home marketPercentage of revenue in constructionOrder backlog
Nordics 37% SEK 54 bn
Europe 22% SEK 33 bn
USA 41% SEK 62 bn

Market drivers and key trends

GDP growth

Growth in the Construction business stream strongly correlates to growth in GDP.

Public investment

Infrastructure investments are largely driven by the public sector.


Urbanization brings an increasing need for infrastructure to be expanded, which increases demand for the construction business streams’ skills and products in areas such as highways, bridges, mass transit and water treatment works.

Construction services

Bridges, roads, hospitals, homes and schools are some examples of what we build, renovate and maintain in our Construction services.

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