Infrastructure Development

We deliver large public infrastructure projects in selected home markets in the Nordic region, Europe and USA through public-private partnerships. Here you will find key figures, market drivers and trends.

The Infrastructure Development business stream, advances essential infrastructure such as hospitals, roads and airports, using Skanska's financial and development expertise and resources. These public-private partnerships – that the Construction business stream executes – provide optimal solutions for each project’s entire lifecycle.

Key figures (2017)

SEK M20172016
Revenue 81 237
Operating income 925 1,818
Investments -449 -1,336
Divestments 1,950 3,102
Operating cash flow from business operations* 4,096 -1,045
Capital employed, SEK bn 1.8 5.4
Return on capital employed, %** 3.6 41.1
Net present value, project portfolio,SEK bn 3.0 4.3
Number of employees 94 102

* Before taxes, financial activities and dividends.
** A definition is provided in note 44 in 2017 Annual Report.

Revenue per year

Share of Group, %*

*Before Central and eliminations. Accounted for according to the equity method.

Operating income

Share of Group, %* 

* Before Central and eliminations.

Project portfolio, estimated gross value, total SEK 3.8 bn

Geographic area


Changes in net present value

Infrastructure Development, Revenue(SEK M)20172016201520142013060120180240
Infrastructure Development, Revenue 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
(SEK M) 87 163 106 237 81

Market drivers and key trends

Lack of financing

There is often insufficient public financing for the new and expanded infrastructure needed. Public private partnerships (PPP) allow such projects to be financed.

Life-cycle perspective

Cost overruns in public projects increase interest in PPP solutions which have a life-cycle perspective in which resource-efficient, innovative and sustainable solutions are delivered on time and for a fixed total cost.

Attractive investment

Projects with stable, long cash flows with public counterparties offer attractive returns for investors.

PPP services

We are a world leader in public-private partnerships (PPPs), delivering real benefits around the world to the users of roads, hospitals, schools and power plants.

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