Residential Development

Residential Development provides homes in selected geographic markets in the Nordic region and Europe. Here you will find key figures, market drivers and trends.

Modern families want homes that are well-designed, responsibly produced, reasonably priced and in good locations. Residential Development teams up with the Construction business stream to efficiently provide homes that help make people's lives better and easier.

Key figures (2017)

SEK M20172016
Revenue 13,237 13,264
Operating income 1,716 1,605
Operating margin, % 13.0 12.1
Investments -11,093 -9,148
Divestments 11,773 7,517
Operating cash flow from business operations* 1,229 -1,210
Capital employed, SEK bn 12.7 11.6
Return on capital employed, %** 15.4 17.1
Number of employees 482 434

* Before taxes, financing activities and dividends.
** A definition is provided in note 44 in 2017 Annual Report.


share of Group, %*

*Before central and eliminations.

Operating income

share of Group, %*

*Before central and eliminations.

Homes started and sold

Homes under construction and unsold completed


Residential Development, Revenue(SEK M)2017201620152014201304,0008,00012,00016,000
Residential Development, Revenue 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
(SEK M) 9234 9558 12298 13264 13237
Residential Development, Operating income(SEK M)2017201620152014201305001,0001,5002,000
Residential Development, Operating income 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
(SEK M) 573 683 1174 1605 1716

Revenue & pre-sold ratio per market

Home marketPercentage of revenue in Residential DevelopmentPre-sold ratio
Nordic 92% 76%
Europe 8% 71%

Market drivers and key trends

Household confidence indicator

Potential customers' views on future pay raises, housing costs and borrowing opportunities affect decisions on whether to buy.


More and more people are moving to cities, leading to increased demand for homes.

Shortage of housing

Housing production has lagged behind population growth, resulting in an undersupply – more homes need to be built. This means greater demand for the business stream’s expertise and products.

Homes offer

Skanska designs and builds attractive homes that make people's everyday lives better and easier.

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