Through a considerable variety of projects and innovative, sustainable solutions, we build for a better society. We aspire to provide industry-leading shareholder value while helping to ensure a sustainable future for our employees, customers and communities.

Long-term strategy creates a solid platform

Our long-term strategy involves continuing selective bidding, an improved commercial focus and increased cost efficiency in Construction, a controlled expansion of Commercial Property Development and being a leading residential developer. This strategy, in combination with our value-driven culture, great people and proven ability to adjust operations to current and future demands, needs and opportunities, puts us in a strong position to provide an industry-leading total shareholder return.

Creating sustainable solutions

We see sustainability as a responsibility to tackle important global challenges but also a possibility for new business opportunities. We want to contribute to a sustainable construction and development sector. One of the ways of doing this is by developing sustainable solutions in partnership with our customers and partners. By prioritizing sustainability throughout the value chain, we aim not only to contribute to our own climate target but also to our customers’ and partners’ sustainability goals. Through successful partnerships, we aim to deliver profit, shareholder value and positively impact society and the planet for generations to come.