Business model

Skanska’s operations generate both operational and financial synergies, enabling us to create greater value in line with our ambition to deliver an industry-leading total shareholder return while building for a better society.

Our integrated business model creates and boosts operational and financial synergies, which in turn facilitate the creation of innovative solutions, maximize market opportunities, improve cost control, strengthen our financial position and enhance returns. Synergies provide competitive advantages that strengthen our ability to deliver for customers and enhance opportunities for generating greater value.

Operational synergies

Development projects bring Construction and Project Development units together, which reinforces a strong customer focus and optimizes the use of our collective technical and financial resources. By driving the development towards more climate smart solutions in our own Project Development business, we keep all our operations in the forefront and can offer all our customers the most suitable solutions for their needs today and in the future.

Financial synergies

Free working capital from our Construction business stream combined with profits generated by our operations, along with the ability to borrow money, mean that we can finance our own Project Development and thereby generate attractive return on invested capital. These investments also create new contracts for the Construction stream, generating further profit.