Meet our people

We are 41,000 employees in 11 countries globally. Meet some of our people and get a feeling of what it is like to work at Skanska. You can also meet us on:

Iva Janoušková

Learning by doing – that is my Stretch experience.

New skills. A wider network. And a career boost from the global leadership program, Skanska Stretch. Read Iva’s story, part of Skanska in the Czech Republic. 

Meet Iva Janoušková

Jeff Barber

Celebrating four decades with Skanska

Skanska is fortunate to not only have many long-time employees, but to have numerous employees who have spent decades working for us.

Meet Jeff Barber

Alexandra Bomb

Gaining a project-level perspective, two days a week

Alexandra created a part-time internship to understand how corporate Green requirements are implemented on projects.

Meet Alexandra Bomb

Richard Cavallaro

Heading up U.S. civil construction

Rich has been with Skanska for 21 years. Rich oversees our unit that builds some of the biggest civil infrastructure projects in the U.S.

Meet Richard Cavallaro

John Crecco

Project Executive

"The most important thing when developing good client relationships is keeping your word."

Katy Dowding

"Woman of Achievement"

Who started her Skanska career at one of Skanska’s largest ever assignments in UK? Katy did!

Meet Katy Dowding

Magdaléna Dobišová

CZ SLO Top 10 Woman

Magdaléna Dobišová, CEO, Skanska Slovakia (part of the business unit Skanska Czech Republic and Slovakia) was recognized as the top woman of Slovak business.

Meet Magdaléna Dobišová

Caroline Fellenius-Omnell

Group General Counsel

Managing Skanska AB’s legal risks and being part of the Senior Executive Team guiding our operations are among Caroline’s responsibilities.

Meet Caroline Fellenius-Omnell

Grzegorz Gucwa

Project Manager

"Bridges are like people." Meet Grzegorz Gucwa, our civil engineer with a passion for bridges.

Meet Grzegorz Gucwa

Rupert Hanna

BIM Knowledge Manager

With roots in the UK and based in Norway, Rupert works locally and globally with the exciting possibilities for project improvements made possible using BIM (building information modeling).

Meet Rupert Hanna

Per Heinrup

IR Officer

Per Heinrup participated in the Skanska Stretch program, left the company and is now back with an exciting new job.

Meet Per Heinrup

Sofia Hjort

Pensions trust coordinator

Sofia Hjort has been on a mobility program where she works with people from all over Skanska.

Meet Sofia Hjort

Raghad Jasim

Dream job thanks to ILP

Thanks to Skanska's International Leadership Program (ILP), Raghad now has her dream job.

Meet Raghad Jasim

Alice Jennison

Environment Advisor & Community Investment Coordinator

Alice is recognized as one of Top 25 under 25 transforming the world of sustainable business.

Meet Alice Jennison

Trevor Kelly

"It has worked out really well for both sides"

Two Business Units. Three cities. And part of a global leadership development program. Read Trevor’s Skanska story – so far. 

Meet Trevor Kelly

Therese Tegner & Mark Lemon

Managing risks and money

Therese Tegner heads Skanska Financial Services (SFS) and Mark Lemon heads The Skanska Risk Management Team (SRT).

Meet Mark and Therese

Anna Linder

District Manager

Teamwork is what drives Anna Linder and she has been awarded an internal global award for her great work.

Meet Anna Linder

Neil Moore

Safety Senior Vice President

Eliminating fatalities and helping Skanska achieve its zero accident target makes him enjoy work at Skanska.

Meet Neil Moore

Gisela Nylund

Customer Coordinator

Gisela Nylund loves to be involved in creating buildings that will remain for many generations.

Meet Gisela Nylund

Hanna Olsson

Team player and goal getter

At work, she plans for the project's goal. In the soccer field, she defends the goal.

Meet Hanna Olsson

Magnus Persson

SVP Investor Relations

Read more about how Magnus Person adds life and color to numbers.

Meet Magnus Persson

Stacy Smedley

Preconstruction Manager

Stacy Smedley is the architect behind the extension of the Bertschi School Science Wing in Seattle, USA.

Meet Stacy Smedley

Markéta Štroblová

Estimator Senior

"I have always worked with great bosses at Skanska who know what I do but give me the freedom to do it myself."

Alexandra Stråberg

Head of Research

"To me, economics is very close to psychology. I see people behind all the numbers."

Meet Alexandra Stråberg

Hans Kjetil Traen

Project leader

Hans Kjetil Traen is only 29 years old and already responsible for a project worth a billion Norwegian kronor.

Meet Hans Kjetil Traen

Kjetil Vabo


Meet the Norwegian rebar worker who became team supervisor, production leader and then estimator.

Meet Kjetil Vabo

Wade Watson

Project Director

Wade is most proud of the way Elizabeth River Tunnels is investing in the two cities it connects.

Meet Wade Watson

Katarzyna Zawodna

Managing Director

Katarzyna Zawodna was selected one of the most influential leading ladies for sustainability in Poland.

Meet Katarzyna Zawodna

Christel Åkerman

Executive Vice President

New SET member Christel Åkerman brings with her 21 years of Skanska experience.

Meet Christel Åkerman