Meet Alice Jennison

5/12/2015 10:00 AM CET

Alice Jennison is a Skanska UK employee who transforms the world of sustainable business. Alice works as an Environment Advisor & Community Investment Coordinator and has been described as a "one woman army" by her peers.

Transforming the world of sustainable business

Alice has been recognized as top young talent by 2degrees, a leading collaboration platform and service for sustainable businesses. The 2degrees New Generation initiative highlights Top 25 young professionals under 25 at the early stage of their career in sustainability. They can transform the world of sustainable business. These are the business, community, NGO and political leaders of tomorrow.

Making community engagement and volunteering the norm

Alice Jennison is part of the recently-set-up community team at Skanska in the UK and is perfectly placed to exploit these talents. "We are putting together a social sustainability strategy for Skanska UK," she explains. "Most of our sites already do some community engagement and a bit of volunteering but we're trying to make that the norm." This involves building consensus among Skanska's board and senior management to elevate staff volunteer programs. Alice has already inspired them to take part in the Skanska UK's 'Lend a hand' volunteer program which aims to increase Skanska's number of education ambassadors, facilitate partnerships with major national charities, and develop external relationships with organizations like Business In The Community (BITC) and UK Contractors Group (UKCG).

"A big personal goal for me at the moment is getting our employees volunteering but also asking what happens after they volunteer. What happens next? That's what I'm focusing on. It's a mountain to climb but I'm trying."

In the beginning of this year Alice went to Skanska Norway for a month. "I love hearing from our international colleagues about what's going on there and understanding more about what they do," she says.

Read Alice's blog and read more about the 2degrees Top 25 Under 25s.

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