Meet Grzegorz Gucwa

11/20/2014 12:00 PM CET

"Bridges are like people." Meet Grzegorz Gucwa, our civil engineer with a passion for bridges.

In 1998, Grzegorz started working in the bridge building business at Skanska in Poland after graduating as a civil engineer within construction and maintenance of bridges.

"I always knew that bridges is what I wanted to work with. Bridges are not just pieces of concrete, steel or timber. Bridges are like people: they start to live, they get tired, and they grow old and die."

Grzegorz began his career as a Project Engineer, went through different roles within construction and joined Skanska in Norway in 2007. He is now a Project Manager and has recently completed the Gulli bridge project in Norway for which he received Skanska Norway's "project of the year" award.

"Working with bridges is fantastic! Bridges help us get from A to B. Easier, shorter, faster. They give us a possibility to meet and be together. For me, bridges simply lift people’s lives to a whole new level."

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

"Skanska gives me unlimited opportunities to do what I love. I am a part of a great team, work with great people and develop every day. I also have the possibility to make a sustainable impact in the work I perform. Skanska has great projects all over the world and there is no barrier to joining them."

Why Skanska?

"When I chose to work for Skanska, I also chose a way of thinking. What I like the most about Skanska is that it cares about its employees and prioritizes them. It’s also very exciting to be part of a company that wants to be a worldwide leader within project development and construction."

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