Meet Hanna Olsson - a team player and a goal getter

11/20/2014 11:30 AM CET

At work, she plans for the project's goal. In the soccer field, she defends the goal.

Hanna Olsson is a leader of people all day long. She is responsible for the scheduling of the NL52 road construction project in central Stockholm. After work, she directs the defense line of the Hammarby soccer team.

Having the right manning is key to success – in construction as well as in soccer. And Hanna got it right so far. The construction work at NL52 is ahead of schedule and the much awaited city thruway will open as planned this autumn.

"We were slowed by two harsh winters but the last one was mild so we managed to pick up," says Hanna.

This made room in Hanna’s tight agenda for a higher level of ambition on the soccer field. Last year, her work load demanded that soccer training was downsized. But she has remained as one of the team leaders and now also aiming to be in back the A squad again.

A junior in construction

At work 27-year-old Hanna is the young one. She graduated from KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology, in 2010, and started with Skanska in 2011.

"But as a student I was part of the Skanska 21 trainee program, which is excellent by the way, so I was already quite familiar with Skanska," says Hanna.  

At its peak, about 150 people were engaged in the project which encompasses heavy concreted structures. The Skanska Sweden workforce was enhanced by about 35 specialized concrete workers from Skanska Czech Republic and Slovakia.

"These colleagues were not used to having a young woman as a boss, but they were great and we got along quite well in spite of the language barrier."

A senior in soccer

Having played soccer since she was five Hanna is naturally a senior in the team where she is in the central backline.

"I try to get everyone in the right position to keep the goal clean," says Hanna who sees many parallels with her profession.

"Both have a very open attitude, you act as a team and you can speak your mind."

"I also learnt a lot about planning getting all pieces in place when I was studying, training and playing games. That, I think, helped me in my work."

Learning from colleagues

As a new employee, Hanna had great assistance from experienced colleagues such as Hans Bäckström.

"My studies were mainly theoretical and real life construction was very different. But Hans guided me into reality."

The initial SEK 870 million contract has grown to about SEK 1.2 billion. Partly due to more extensive foundation work and also because the client, the Swedish Transport Administration extended the scope and the construction period by 14 months.

The new road will relieve congestion to and from the suburban island of Lidingö. However, a tunnel, built for the heavy harbor traffic, included in the project will remain closed until the former harbor area is redeveloped. 

But Hanna already has her eyes on her next big city development project.

"It would be great if Skanska won a major portion of the new Slussen construction. That would be a highly challenging task and fun because I was born and raised in the same Söder neighborhood," Hanna concludes.

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