Meet Kjetil Vabo

11/20/2014 12:00 PM CET

Meet the Norwegian rebar worker who became team supervisor, production leader and then estimator. "I am very grateful to be employed by a company which gives its employees the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally."

Kjetil Vabo joined Skanska Norway as an apprentice rebar worker in 1989. After showing great enthusiasm and commitment to his job, he got the opportunity to advance to team supervisor and later on to production leader within the organization. Today, 21 years later, he is an estimator at Skanska and is still learning new things - every day.

"Skanska has offered courses, educational programs and training so that I could reach my goals. I am very grateful to be employed by a company which gives its employees the opportunity to develop both personally and professionally."

From rebar worker to team supervisor

Following his certificate in 1991, Kjetil worked a couple of years as rebar worker at Skanska. The job involves wire mesh, steel bars or cables to strengthen the concrete used when constructing buildings, bridges and roadways. It's a demanding job which requires physical strength and stamina. Kjetil liked his work on the field and was really good at it. Soon he got promoted to supervise his team of construction workers.

"As supervisor, I got more challenges and responsibility, which I enjoyed."

Development program paid by Skanska

In 2008, Kjetil was singled out to participate in a four year development program offered by Skanska. It consisted of technical school in the evenings along with working fulltime as team supervisor daytime. The tuition was covered by Skanska and 20 students from Norway participated.

"Thanks to the program, I've increased my knowledge, gained great experience within the company and made friends all throughout Norway."

Promoted to Production leader of a concrete site

One year into the development program, Kjetil was offered the job as Production leader on one of Skanska Norway's concrete production sites. The role involved planning and allocating resources to meet site requirements as well as following up on the concrete production in terms of quality, cost and time schedule.

"Skanska invests heavily in effective production and participative management. Employee involvement is a topic that I find really exciting and as a production leader, I worked with participative decision making encouraging team members to be part in activities such as setting goals, planning and determining work methodology."

New challenge as an estimator

In 2014, Kjetil once more got the opportunity to try something new in the construction business. This time as an estimator.

"As an estimator, I can apply all my experience that I have acquired during my 21 years at Skanska. And I still keep on learning new things every day."

Last updated: 3/13/2015

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