Meet Sofia Hjort

11/20/2014 12:00 PM CET

Sofia Hjort works with the pension trust within Skanska Financial Services, our internal bank. She has been on a mobility program, working for another Skanska unit in UK. In her job, she gets the opportunity to work with people from all over Skanska.

What do you do?

Pensions trust Coordinator/Administrator, Skanska Financial Services AB. Since SFS is the InternalBank for the whole Skanska group, we support all business units in their financial matters. My team mainly works with the liquidity planning on a top account level. In my work with the pension trust I support with administration such as preparing material for the board meetings.

What keeps you motivated?

We are facing new challenges constantly and by working in SFS I keep in contact with all business units. I truly like the working climate at SFS. We are 40 people sitting together in an open office area, we combine professionalism with humor and joy!

What are your main challenges?

We handle large amounts of money, however communicating is a key to success for us as we are dependent on our colleagues within Skanska to give us correct and timely information. This is a challenge, but it is also very stimulating.

Why Skanska?

Skanska is a large worldwide company. It gives me the opportunity to look into different areas and to work with different business units/countries. Last year I was one of the participants in the Skanska Unlimited program. Through this program I spent six months in London, with Skanska UK working with environment and sustainability, which is something completely different compared to what I do in my daily work in Sweden. I am very grateful for this opportunity that Skanska gave me and the experience this has given me.

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