How to apply

Below is a general description on how to apply for a job in the global Skanska Careers system. As recruitment and selection take place locally, the process starting after applying may vary.

Search for jobs

There are three ways to search for jobs:

  1.  Job Search - allows you to add search criteria such as job field and location to your search.
  2.  All Jobs - allows you to see all available job openings at Skanska. The jobs will be presented in a list and can be sorted according to criteria such as posting date and location.
  3.  If you have already created a personal profile (see section below on how to create a profile), you can also use the Jobs Matching My Profile function.

Create a profile

To submit an application you need to create a profile. By creating a profile, you will become active in the global candidate pool which our recruiters can use to search for candidates. You can choose to be notified if there are new job postings that match your profile, by ticking a box. Below you can see some tips on how to create a Candidate Profile.

You will find the Candidate Profile headline to the right.

  1.  Click on Create a profile/Access my profile.
  2.  On the login page, click New User to create a profile else login using your credentials.

The system will ask you to fill in what kind of job you are interested in, personal information, work experience and education.

By uploading your CV (resumé) the system will automatically add information to your profile, but you can also enter the information manually.

Apply for jobs

You can apply for a job by clicking on the Apply link at the bottom of each job posting. When applying for a job, the system asks you to either sign in on an already existing profile or to create a new one.

Some job openings may require you to answer some additional questions before you can submit your application.

You can edit and view a summary of your profile before sending the application by clicking the Submit button.

We look forward to receiving your application.