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At Skanska our job is to make living, working and traveling easier, but not at the expense of future generations. The demand for smart solutions that lower the environmental impact is ever growing and we need people who can make it good business for us and for our customers.

Green construction is doing more with less

We have a strong track record and are determined to drive Green development in our sector. This means thinking about the environmental consequences of everything we do, so that we have the most attractive Green customer offering in new construction as well as in refurbishment. It also means educating ourselves, our clients and other stakeholders so that we all can save energy and water, reduce our carbon footprint and use healthy and sustainable materials.

If you get excited by working with Green solutions and want to join us on our Journey to Deep Green™, Skanska is a place where you can make a real impact.

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"Opportunities are everywhere in Skanska. It's important to look for the opportunities to lead or expand your knowledge."

Courtney Lorenz, Director of Environmental Management, Skanska in USA

Last updated: 7/11/2017

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