Employee survey

Every year, we perform an employee survey all across Skanska as it is our belief that if our people are engaged, it will result in a more collaborative culture and better business.

Annual survey across all markets

Every year, we perform a Global Employee Survey across all Skanska Business Units to find out how our employees perceive their work situation. We look at a broad range of factors to obtain an understanding of job satisfaction levels, morale and professional development needs.

Our people help improve Skanska

Our Group-wide employee survey – called Your Voice, Our Success – provides every employee with an opportunity to give input to improve Skanska. We are better together!

The results will help teams and all levels of Skanska easily identify and prioritize actions for improvement. Acting on these results will help us live our values and deliver on our strategy.

Key areas

In the Global Employee Survey, we focus on how employees perceive their work situation. These are some of the key areas covered:

Action plans to follow-up results

The survey results are analyzed and then communicated to Skanska's employees. We make action plans for improvements to respond to the feedback from the survey and to increase employee engagement.

Employee survey results in 2017 

Results from the survey carried out in April 2017, reveal that our commitment to safety is at the core of everything we do. Our people have a good understanding of safety practices and have a strong belief in Skanska being committed to creating a safe working environment.

Learning and development possibilities within Skanska prove to be both highly appreciated as well as a key motivational driver for our employees – it makes them feel engaged as well as enabled in their work.

At Skanska we hold collaboration in high regard but there is still room for improvement. Results show that we should become even more effective at sharing good ideas with each other across projects and departments.