Employee surveys

We believe that a satisfied workforce results in better business. Therefore we annually perform an Employee Engagement Survey to find out how you as an employee perceive your work situation. The results are followed up to address any shortcomings and to increase employee satisfaction.

It is our belief that an engaged and satisfied workforce results in a more collaborative culture and better business. To find out how our employees perceive their situation at work, we conduct employee surveys worldwide across all Skanska business units. We look at a broad range of factors to obtain an understanding of job satisfaction levels, morale and professional development needs. 

Key areas covered in the employee survey

In the Employee Engagement Survey, we have a special focus on how you as an employee perceive:

  • Your work situation in general
  • Leadership and your relationship with your manager
  • Your career and professional development
  • Diversity & inclusion in the work place
  • Skanska Employee Ownership Program, Seop (read more about Seop at Development programs)

Action plans to follow-up results

The survey results are analyzed and communicated openly to Skanska's employees. We make action plans for improvements to respond to the feedback from the survey and to increase employee satisfaction. 

Employee survey results 2015 

The results have improved over time due to focused efforts in prioritized areas. The results from the 2015 survey show that the positive trend in the Group is continuing.

Last updated: 7/22/2016