Great People

Building for a better society requires great people. To deliver for customers and society, Skanska is focused on employee skills, engagement, diversity and health and safety.

Skanska needs great people who have the right skills and commitment, and who share and live the Group’s values. People who thrive in a culture based on transparency, trust, values and high-performance teamwork. People who are seeking opportunities to learn and grow. Attracting such talented people, developing and retaining them, is a key challenge and opportunity. On all fronts, Skanska is making positive progress. In 2018, the Group continued to be ranked as a top employer across key markets. Important advantages for Skanska are the Group’s deeply embedded values, many professional development opportunities and strong purpose – all factors increasingly sought in employers. For those already part of Skanska, the results of the 2018 employee survey show the positive impacts of initiatives to enable people to do their best work, while harnessing their commitment and motivation. For example, 78 percent of respondents recommend Skanska as a good place to work and 84 percent say their job makes good use of their skills and abilities. Both metrics surpass industry benchmarks. Skanska undertakes strategic initiatives to ensure an organization of great people, now and into the future. When the number of Skanska people must be reduced, as occurred in the 2018 restructuring to improve Skanska’s performance, all departing people are treated fairly.

Being safe, healthy and included

Ensuring people’s safety, health and wellbeing underpins all activities, supporting Skanska’s Care for Life value. Ensuring health and safety is an ongoing challenge for the construction industry. The Group aspires to eliminate all injuries, along with reducing health hazards – such as noise and poor ergonomics – that are damaging over the long term. Supporting mental health and enabling a proper work-life balance are also key. Health and safety is boosted by greater diversity and inclusion. At all levels of the Group there is a clear focus on achieving a more diverse workforce when attracting, recruiting and retaining employees. This is coupled with efforts to train managers to make the most of team diversity to achieve stronger performance together. Becoming a more diverse and inclusive organization enables people to contribute to their full potential, and improves the Group’s performance.