People development

At Skanska we have people development at heart – when you grow as a person, we develop as a company.

Our belief is that you develop a lot through real experience – having the right position, supported by an excellent leader providing you with challenging tasks and regular feedback.

Learning and development opportunities

At Skanska, no matter if you are a specialist or a leader, you will be encouraged to grow, develop your career and realize your potential.

Thanks to our presence in several home markets and operations in many areas, you can broaden your experience by pursuing a variety of different careers that meet your personal interests and strengths.

At Skanska you can:

  • Explore a whole new country or take on a new role in your current office
  • Learn from collaborating with your colleagues – like having a mentor
  • Take part of a network, participate in training or proactively ask for feedback and advice

Development programs

Skanska offers a variety of local and international development opportunities to learn and develop. There is an international job rotation program and there are two global leadership development programs:  

Skanska Unlimited – for all employees

Skanska Unlimited is the global employee exchange program aimed at providing 3-6 months hands-on experience in another unit or function, in your country or internationally.

Skanska Stretch – for top talent early in their careers

Skanska Stretch is the international development program for Skanska's top talent early in their careers. In this program we develop great leaders with a good understanding and management of Skanska's business in an international context. It includes 6-12 months international assignment.

Skanska Top Executive Program (STEP) – for top managers

STEP is the leadership development program for Skanska’s top managers. The program further develops knowledge and leadership competencies to maximize contribution to our business and to create an international network for knowledge sharing and strategy implementation. The program is developed in cooperation with IMD and Ivey Business School, two of the world’s leading business schools.

Last updated: 7/10/2017

Meet Trevor, one of our Stretch participants

“Skanska Stretch changed my perspective on everything I knew about leadership and working with different types of people.”

Meet Trevor

Meet Iva, one of our Stretch participants

“Learning by doing – that is my Stretch experience.”

Meet Iva

Meet Sean, one of our Stretch participants

“Stretch connects people across the business and from all the countries in which Skanska operates, and creates strong bonds between them.”