Articles of association

On this page you will find Skanska's current Articles of Association, adopted by Annual General Meeting 2016. These contain fundamentals about the company, such as what operations it is to conduct and the conversion and number of shares.

The Articles of Association are adopted by the Annual General Meeting, the highest decision-making body. They must contain a number of disclosures of a more fundamental nature for the Company, such as:

  • What operations it is to conduct
  • The size and the registered office of the Board of Directors
  • The size of the share capital
  • Any regulations on different types of shares (Series A and Series B shares)
  • Conversion of shares
  • Number of shares
  • How notice of an Annual General Meeting is to be provided

The complete Articles of Association, amended at the Annual General Meeting of April 6, 2016, are available below.

Skanska Articles of Association 2016 (PDF)

Last updated: 3/16/2015

Latest AGM

The latest Annual General Meeting was held on April 4, 2017, in Stockholm, Sweden.

AGM 2017

AGM Archive

Here you will find documents, such as invitations, CEO statements and minutes from Skanska's Annual General Meetings since 2005.

AGM Archive