Peter Wallin


Position: Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Born: 1967
Joined Skanska in: 2000

Responsible for business units

  • Skanska UK

Responsible for Group staff units/support unit

  • Skanska Financial Services
  • Controlling
  • Corporate Finance
  • Reporting
  • Internal Audit and Compliance
  • Investor Relations

Shareholding in Skanska

20 624 B shares

Board assignments



  • Master of Science in Business and Economics, Uppsala University

Work experience

  • Equities Manager/Analyst, Trygg Hansa/SEB
  • Equities Analyst, Hagströmer & Qviberg
  • Senior Vice President, Investor Relations, Skanska AB
  • CFO, Skanska Infrastructure Development
  • CFO, Skanska Sweden
Last updated: 6/1/2017