Skanska Code of Conduct hotline contact details

The Skanska Code of Conduct hotline is operated by SpeakUp.  See full instructions for using the hotline here.


The organization code for Skanska is 109708.  Please enter this if you are prompted to do so.

Report via SpeakUp app

If you have a Skanska phone, the SpeakUp app is preinstalled.  If not, you can download it using this QR code or find it in your app store.

Speakup qrcode.png

From inside the app, use this QR code or the organization code 109708 to connect to Skanska's SpeakUp reporting page.

Speakup qrcode2.png

Report online

Use this QR code to connect directly to the Skanska SpeakUp reporting page OR Click or paste into your browser.

Speakup qrcode3.jpg

Report by phone

Dial one of the phone numbers listed below or see the full list here if you are located elsewhere.
Enter the organization code: 109708

CZECH REPUBLIC 800 050 833 Freephone
DENMARK +45 43 31 09 61 Call charged at local rate
FINLAND 0800 392912 Freephone
HUNGARY 06 809 845 89 Freephone
NORWAY +47 24 14 06 01 Call charged at local rate
POLAND 800012953 Freephone
ROMANIA 0800 400653 Freephone
SLOVAKIA 0800 113 418 Freephone
SWEDEN 020 160 4703 Freephone
UNITED KINGDOM 080 0022 4118 Freephone
UNITED STATES +1 (669) 288 7154 Call charged at local rate
Open list of phone numbers
Close list of phone numbers

Business Unit Ethics Committee email

Group HQ Contact
BoKlok Contact
Central Europe Contact 
Commercial Development Europe Contact
Commercial Development Nordic Contact the Ethics Committee for the relevant Construction Business Unit 
Commercial Development US Contact 
Finland Contact 
Norway Contact 
Residential Development Europe Contact / Contact 
Sweden Contact
UK Contact 
US Building Contact 
USA Civil Contact 
Open Business Unit Ethics Committee email
Close Business Unit Ethics Committee email