Sensitivity analysis

The following table illustrates the estimated effects on the Group of changes in selected variables. These are estimated effects which could occur with an isolated change in each variable.

The Group's sensitivity to unilateral change in SEK

The sensitivity analysis table shows the impact on the Group of a change in SEK against all currencies and a change in USD against SEK. The figures are based on the 2016 income statement and statement of financial position.

+ indicates a weakening of the Swedish krona
- indicates a strengthening of the Swedish krona


SEK bn+/- 10%of which USD +/- 10% 
Revenue +/- 11.4 +/- 5.8
Operating income +/- 0.3 +/- 0.2
Equity +/- 2.5 +/- 1.1
Net receivables/liabilities +/- 0.9 +/- 0.6

Annual reports

On this page you will find our Annual reports as of 1999.

How we work with Ethics

This page gathers information on how we work with Ethics in Skanska.

How we work with Ethics