Risk & Opportunity game

In order to increase risk awareness and create a uniform approach to risk and opportunities, we have developed the Skanska Risk & Opportunity game, based on facts from actual Skanska projects. It is used to train employees and is also played with customers. 

The Skanska Risk & Opportunity Game is a game that simulates a construction project from tender to completion. It is developed to increase risk awareness, exploit business opportunities and create a more uniform approach to risks and opportunities.

It intends to create a systematic global approach and increase predictability of project execution. In the game, teams need to make decisions that affect profitability and schedule as well as customer and employee satisfaction.

The game is based on facts from actual Skanska projects and offers various alternative solutions. It is used to train employees in all units, and is also played together with customers, suppliers, partners and students.

Jacob Møller-Nielsen

Vice President Risk Management