Skanska's dividend policy is to pay out 40–70 percent of net profit for the year as dividends to the shareholders, provided that the company's overall financial situation is stable and satisfactory.

Transfers of capital to Skanska's shareholders

  Total 20201 2019 2018 2017 2016
Regular dividend per share, SEK   6.25 6.00 8.25 8.25 7.50
Extra dividend per share, SEK   - - - - -
Total dividend, SEK   6.25
6.00 8.25 8.25 7.50 
Total, SEK billion 15.0 2.6
2.5 3.4 3.4 3.1 

1) Based on the dividend proposed by the Board of Directors. Due to the prevailing uncertainty caused by COVID-19, the Board of Directors has decided to withdraw the dividend proposal to the Annual General Meeting. The Board of Directors has the ambition, if the circumstances permit, to convene an Extra General Meeting in the autumn to decide on the dividend.

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