False job offers

In the past it has happened that people have received what they thought were genuine offers of employment from Skanska or Skanska Executives via e-mail, but which turned out to be false. This is very unfortunate and we want your help to prevent these scams. Here you can read about job offer scams and what a real job candidate can expect from Skanska.

What is a false job offer?

Skanska has been contacted by people about what appeared to be employment offers from Skanska or Skanska Executives via e-mail, which turned out to be false. There have also been fraudulent headhunters claiming to work on behalf of Skanska. The jobs offered range from highly paid management roles to childcare jobs.

False job offer scams have targeted many businesses worldwide, in which the sender is trying to obtain credit card or bank account details or is trying to extract money for work visa or travel costs etc.

These e-mails can look authentic by including a company logo taken from official web sites and adding convincing personal details, information taken from e.g. social networking pages. Sometimes scammers advertise a job on the behalf of Skanska or a Skanska executive on web sites. These e-mails and web sites have no connection with Skanska.

What can real job candidates expect from Skanska?

Any genuine offer from Skanska will always be preceded by formal application and professional selection processes including face-to-face interviews.

  • Skanska does not ask for bank details during such a process.
  • Skanska never asks for money from job applicants.

What should I do if I receive a fake job offer via e-mail?

  • Treat the e-mail with caution and do not reply and do not call the contact number.
  • Do not send any money and never surrender personal information, bank details etc.
  • Never open any attachments.
  • Save all received and sent emails and text messages for evidence.
  • Save all documents of transactions and remittances for evidence.
  • Report the email/website to the abuse department of the domain used by the scammer.
  • Consider report to your local police.

If you are unsure about an offers’ genuineness, please contact the Skanska Business Unit offering the job and ask whether the job offer is a real one. Contact details can be found here.

For Skanska’s further investigation, please forward as an attachment, if possible, the fake job offer e-mail (preferably with full e-mail headers) to us with the title 'Recruitment scam' Contact details can be found here.