Students & young professionals

We understand the importance of having a meaningful, successful start to your career. That is why we have developed a wide range of opportunities to turn your academic knowledge into valuable skills and hands-on experience.

Many of our talented younger colleagues come to work with us from day one because of our open culture, diverse career opportunities and the investment we make in students.

As our client base is becoming increasingly diverse, we look for young talent who understand our customers' needs and view challenges through their eyes. Maybe that someone is you? So, whether you are looking for a seasonal job, an internship, or a trainee position, all our local markets offer a broad range of resources and programs, tailored to suit the beginning of your career. Our mission? To ensure that you get the most out of your first professional experience.

Beyond the program itself you will develop a close-knit network, and be challenged by numerous initiatives under the support of a manager. Our leadership responsible for your development will ensure regular feedback and open communication – always leading by example.

What's it like to be a young professional at Skanska?

Hear from Hanna and Liam about what their experience has been like working with Skanska.

Why did you apply to Skanska?
Why did you apply to Skanska?

Hanna: I applied to Skanska because I was looking for a safe yet challenging environment that could offer a lot of different opportunities. A big determining factor for me was to be in a place where environment and health is prioritized.

Liam: Similar for me - I was looking to explore ways in which I could put my theoretical knowledge into practice at a multi-national organization. Above all else, it was the open culture and Skanska’s investment in students that compelled me to apply.

Hanna: I’m really proud to play a small part in the company’s significant purpose building for a better society

What have been up to doing your internship / program?
What have been up to doing your internship / program?

Hanna: I’ve experienced several different aspects of projects, from planning to production. I’ve participated during concrete castings, the building of walls, as well as meetings with customers where I’ve even had the opportunity to place orders on things that have actually been used in the projects.

Liam: I’ve been apart of the development of the traintracks between Ängelholm and Helsingborg in southern Sweden. My focus has mainly been on reviewing and analyzing different types of documents, summarizing them to be used for different types of calculations throughout the project.

Hanna: A large focus of the program is on self-development and learning more about yourself, as well as the personality traits of your team – aspects of work that I really haven’t considered before.

What learnings will you bring with you?
What learnings will you bring with you?

Liam: Aside from the great experience that is shared with so many different students from all kinds of disciples, the most important learning for me has been to see how a large project is executed practically – from initial contract to finished results. It might sound rudimentary, but before I started working here, I had no idea how incredibly many different functions across the organizations are involved, and how all of them have to collaborate to see the project all the way through. It’s gratifying to experience first-hand.

Hanna: I’ve been reflecting a lot about how crucial it is for a workplace with so many different people and so many different needs to ensure that everyone feels well at work. So that’s really my take-home message, this idea about how to create a safe and enjoyable working environment. It’s of course easier said than done, but once you’re aware of it, it’s also a whole lot easier to find good solutions for each project.