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  • Transforming the carbon challenge into opportunities

    Transforming the carbon challenge into opportunities

    4/17/2018 2:32 PM CET
    Buildings and construction represent major challenges regarding lessening climate change. But on the flip side, they are huge opportunities for lessening carbon emissions. Here's how Skanska is advancing toward a low-carbon future, together with our industry.
  • A winning combination to develop careers

    A winning combination to develop careers

    4/12/2018 8:39 PM CET
    Our award-winning 2+1 apprenticeship program in Finland helps students begin careers while enabling experienced workers pass on their knowledge.
  • Building a fossil-free future

    Building a fossil-free future

    3/22/2018 1:51 PM CET
    When it comes to major sources of carbon emissions, you probably don't think of construction sites – but you should. Digging, lifting and heating requires vast amounts of energy that traditionally has come from fossil fuels, which produce harmful emissions. But there's a transformation underway to cleaner energy sources, with Oslo, Norway, at the forefront.
  • A bold and innovative addition to Boston

    A bold and innovative addition to Boston

    3/14/2018 2:11 PM CET
    Shaping our latest tower in Boston as an ellipse has produced the city’s newest icon, with benefits that go far beyond aesthetics. It’s only part of our innovative approach to this project, which continues our work transforming the neighborhood.
  • Diverse teams essential to success

    Diverse teams essential to success

    3/7/2018 4:48 PM CET
    Successfully delivering complex engineering and construction projects requires the strongest possible teams. Skanska UK CEO Greg Craig shares some key approaches our UK organization is leveraging to advance diversity and inclusion and drive performance.
  • Small things matter

    Small things matter

    3/7/2018 4:47 PM CET
    Building an inclusive culture requires big actions, but small steps can be equally important, says Camilla Wieslander, Managing Director of Skanska Commercial Development Nordic, a major Nordic developer. Here are some ways she's used diversity and inclusion to build one of the strongest property development organizations in the Swedish city of Malmö.
  • Working toward a gender equal Skanska in Sweden

    Working toward a gender equal Skanska in Sweden

    3/7/2018 4:46 PM CET
    As CEO of Skanska Sweden, Gunnar Hagman is systematically driving his teams to advance with workplace diversity. But truly succeeding with gender equality involves strong industry collaborations, says Gunnar, who shares perspectives on this topic below.
  • Changing mindsets

    Changing mindsets

    3/7/2018 4:42 PM CET
    As Chief Sustainability Officer for Skanska USA, Beth Heider strives to ensure that our projects and how they are executed support a more equitable society. Beth, the first woman on Skanska USA's Senior Leadership Team, shares some perspectives on equality below.
  • Closing gender gaps, one by one

    Closing gender gaps, one by one

    3/7/2018 4:40 PM CET
    There's been much progress on the journey to gender equality, but much work remains. Here, Kirsi Mettälä, the Skanska Executive Vice President in charge of Human Resources, reflects on what's been accomplished and what is yet to come in society, and at Skanska.
  • (Solar) power to the people

    2/27/2018 8:00 AM CET
    BoKlok, the affordable housing concept owned by Skanska and Ikea, is the first residential developer in Sweden to commit to equipping all apartment buildings with photovoltaic solar panels.

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