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  • A national treasure, restored and modernized

    A national treasure, restored and modernized

    12/19/2018 9:38 AM CET
    Across from the Royal Palace and Parliament House sits Nationalmuseum, Sweden’s museum of art and design. In 1866, Nationalmuseum opened at this grand location and over the next 150 years became an artistic treasure known throughout Europe.
  • Leading our sector in sustainability

    Leading our sector in sustainability

    12/14/2018 4:15 PM CET
    Skanska received the top sustainability ranking in the Capital Goods category in the Sustainable Companies 2018 survey, which evaluated companies listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Sustainability is integrated into Skanska’s values and our Profit with Purpose Business Plan.
  • Creating the world’s first emission-free quarry

    Creating the world’s first emission-free quarry

    11/21/2018 2:38 PM CET
    With Volvo and other partners, we’re striving for a quarry that has 95 percent less carbon emissions, 25 percent less total operating costs and is safer for workers. This research project, with a full production test underway, has the potential to transform our industry while helping improve society.
  • Creating a planet-smart way to flush

    10/23/2018 7:00 PM CET
    Why use drinking water to flush toilets? With water forecasted to be less consistently available and more expensive in many places, in the Czech Republic we are pioneering a water re-use system that makes each flush more environmentally responsible.
  • Top ranked in Europe for sustainability

    9/27/2018 9:08 AM CET
    For a second year, we've received a top designation from the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark, a leading authority on sustainability in real estate.
  • Helping Sweden's immigrant engineers restart their construction careers

    Helping Sweden's immigrant engineers restart their construction careers

    9/6/2018 3:51 PM CET
    It's not always easy for foreign-born engineers and Swedish employers to find each other. Aiding in connecting them is our International Leaders Program. Here’s how it transformed Arwa’s life.
  • Meet Harri Vesanto

    8/7/2018 11:55 AM CET
    After 19 years with us, during which he and his teams have built more than 1,000 homes, Harri Vesanto has developed a successful approach for creating and leading high-performing teams. Here, Harri shares insights about helping people and teams be their best.
  • Workplace trends from this coworking leader

    7/9/2018 9:48 AM CET
    In creating and growing Business Link, the largest network of coworking spaces in Central and Eastern Europe, Co-Founder Dariusz Żuk has gained an expert view on how people work best. He shares perspectives on working and workplaces, now and in the future.
  • Coaching construction to a digital future

    6/28/2018 9:20 PM CET
    Imagine being able to help transform an industry. Construction is going digital in how projects are delivered, and our digital coaches are guiding the way. Linn, a digital coach in Stockholm, explains what it’s like to spearhead this exciting change.
  • Green bonds enable more sustainable developments

    Green bonds enable more sustainable developments

    6/21/2018 8:00 AM CET
    Skanska has issued green bonds amounting to SEK 1 billion to finance sustainable commercial development projects in the USA, Sweden and Poland. The transaction generated a substantial attention among investors, attracting bids for more than SEK 3 billion.

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