Fifty shades of green - Väla Gård

1/20/2013 12:51 PM CET

The Skanska flags are waving over the first Deep Green office in Sweden. The Väla Gård office in southern Sweden is Skanska's greenest office building to date. The building is designed to achieve LEED Platinum and Deep Green building by achieving net zero energy and by being constructed with zero hazardous materials and with zero waste sent to landfill.

"This puts us ahead of our competition," says Staffan Haglind, Skanska's Green Business Officer. "Väla Gård demonstrates that we walk the talk. It proves that Deep Green is achievable and the building will be a true showcase of our capability. This is certain to further spark customer interest in Deep Green offices."

Yearly cost savings of about USD 300,000

The Väla Gård office was constructed on the site of an old farm and is located just northeast of Helsingborg. The 1,777 sq m (19,127 sq ft) office building was completed in October 2012. The building now houses Skanska's regional offices in Helsingborg under one roof and enables yearly cost savings of about USD 300,000.

Zero primary energy, waste and hazardous material

According to Skanska's Color Palette™, a Deep Green project must achieve at least three of the following six objectives:

  • net zero primary energy,
  • zero waste,
  • zero unsustainable materials,
  • zero hazardous materials,
  • near zero carbon construction and
  • net zero water.

V��la Gård achieved net zero primary energy, zero waste and zero hazardous materials. The project is aiming to earn the world's second highest LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) ever.

Should be building energy-efficient offices like Väla Gård everywhere

A former Swedish MP and former spokesperson for the Swedish Green Party, Maria Wetterstrand, recently visited Väla Gård. "If we can build sustainable and energy-efficient offices like Väla Gård, why don't we do it all the time, everywhere?" she asked.

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How we define Green

Skanska Color PaletteTM has been developed to measure and guide our performance towards Deep Green.

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