Find your way home on our new homes websites

2/3/2012 12:54 PM CET

Find your way home and all about the Skanska home offer on our new homes websites in Finland, Norway, Sweden and the UK. The websites are purposed to give visitors what they really want and need when searching for a new home.

Skanska started to build homes early in its 125 year long history. Today Skanska's Residential Development business stream invests in, designs, builds and sells homes directly to consumers in the Nordic countries, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the UK and Poland.

During 2011, Skanska also launched launched separate homes websites, optimized for home buyers, in the Nordic markets of Sweden, Finland and Norway. When entering the UK market, a fourth website was added.

Homes for a better life

Skanska builds beautiful, spacious, easy-to-run homes, designed on Scandinavian principles - creating living areas with new homes for a better life.

The purpose of our homes websites is to give visitors what they really want and need when searching for a new home. Here, you can easily search for objects of your interest and view images and films that feature not only the homes objects but also the living areas that Skanska create when building homes.

Visit the Skanska homes websites

The Skanska homes websites are marketed at sub addresses of the national corporate websites of Finland, Norway, Sweden and the UK. Use the links to the right for direct access to the Skanska homes websites.

Visit Skanska homes websites