New brand identity wins global design award

9/23/2022 10:33 AM CET

How do you capture 135 years of heritage in a modern brand identity? It was never going to be easy. So we were humbled when our new brand identity was recognized with one of the world’s leading design prizes, the Red Dot Design Award for 2022.

At Skanska, we are justifiably proud of our history. From our foundation back in 1887, to the landmark buildings, world-class infrastructure and sustainable solutions we build and develop today, we work with our customers to shape society.

Our brand identity, however, needed to be brought up to date to reflect the company we are today and customers’ expectations of us, as well as making it more compatible for digital platforms. The result was a new position and brand that both builds on what we have achieved and looks forward to what is yet to come.

Based on data and insights from customers

Based on customer insights and a brand driver analysis from across all markets and offerings, our position – which centers on knowledge & foresight – complements Skanska Group’s newly launched strategic direction.

“It’s a position that builds on the unique Skanska culture that already sets us apart in the world today, based on strong values, craftmanship and a sense of responsibility,” says Karolina Cederhage, our Senior Vice President for Group Communications. “But more than that, it also reflects the mentality of the thinkers here at Skanska – the understanding that every decision impacts – as well as a proactive attentiveness to our customers, the built environment and society.”

Building on that position, we worked with brand partner NORD ID to develop “Shaping,” an optimistic, forward-looking identity that embodies engineered and crafted shapes, architectural cues and unique imagery.

Better design for digital

“‘Shaping’ is at the core of all parts of the identity,” says Linnéa Lofjord, Head of NORD ID. “It uses crisp positive imagery displaying people as architectural shapes, and iconic buildings in new angles and in micro and macro shots, to highlight details and shapes, knowledge and responsibility.”

Architectural cut-outs embody the way we shape society while also evoking our construction work. The modernized logotype works better in the digital environment, while our new typeface uses engineered shapes with sense of craftmanship. 

The new brand identity was recognized in the Red Dot Brand & Communication category for Corporate Design & Identity.

We’re proud of what we do. And now we’re even prouder of the way we look.