New headquarters for Skanska in Stockholm

8/29/2013 1:50 PM CET

In January, our 1,100 co-workers in the head office moved to a green and smart office in Stockholm. The new office offers a flexible and multi-faceted environment, which is self-sufficient in geothermal cooling.

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New office part of lively Kungsholmen area 

Western Kungsholmen in Stockholm city is buzzing with change. New homes are being built right up to the water's edge, embankment walkways are being repaired and new restaurants and shops are opening their doors.

Designed and built by Skanska

Along the central boulevard, new offices are being built – one of these is Skanska's. In January 2014, we moved here with about 1,100 employees. This is Skanska's global headquarters and, of course, we had responsibility for designing and building it.

Features of the environmentally smart office

Skanska's new head office - which is one of the Nordic region's most environmentally smart offices - include:

  • An attractive working and meeting place with a café, restaurant, large wellness area and employee lounge.
  • A modern office with an activity-based workplace environment (ABW), where employees can choose the workspace that best support their needs. Skanska has chosen to create a combination of home zones for all internal units and a flexibility to sit anywhere in the building. At present Skanska's ABW-projects are among the larger in Sweden.
  • A good indoor climate with our own patented technology Skanska Deep Green Cooling. Energy-efficient cooling is provided from 144 boreholes under the building. In addition, we can reuse the summer heat for preheating ventilation air in the winter and reuse waste heat to provide heating for adjacent homes.
  • What are probably Stockholm's coolest technical visualization possibilities. For example, residential customers can experience and add color to their new home long before the home is built, and local politicians are given the opportunity to understand and visualize the early ideas for new districts several years before they become a reality.
  • Beehives on the roof - a simple way for us to make an effort to counter the global decline in the bee population.
  • A carpool, a large bicycle garage in the building and the nearest underground station is located just around the corner

Workplace offering involvement to all employees 

As a Skanska employee you are offered exciting challenges, favorable benefits, and many enjoyable career opportunities. Irrespective of profession, this is a workplace where you are always involved.

Film - Zooming in on Skanska's new headquarter

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More information about the new headquarters project

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